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Traditional marketing strategies still play a significant role in business-to-business sales. Some key contacts are unreachable by digital marketing methods; when this happens, deploying a range of historically-proven tactics can lead to breakthroughs. From mail and phone campaigns to developing a great event marketing strategy, traditional marketing strategies could be your team’s secret weapon.

Working with a traditional marketing agency like MoreSALES can help you tap into considerable lead generation opportunities. Give your sales team more high-quality contacts to follow-up with!

With traditional marketing services such as tradeshow and event support, lead generation and prospecting and marketing material development, we cover all major strategies. As marketing consultants we work with your team to identify top marketing initiatives and then develop and execute a plan that fits your growth goals.

MoreSALES’ Traditional Marketing Agency Approach

When trusting your traditional marketing strategy to an agency, it’s critical that they have the skills and experience to deliver great results. While some marketing agencies only offer a couple varied services, MoreSALES’ team oversees each component of your integrated traditional marketing strategy. This includes:

Trade Shows and Events

Trade shows and event marketing campaigns are some of the best B2B lead generators available to businesses today. The volume and quality of leads coming from well-planned and executed events far exceeds the potential of most online efforts. While there can be some financial and creative barriers, most companies that create a trade show and event marketing strategy find a positive return on investment every time.

Contact MoreSALES to amplify your lead generation engine with event marketing support including:

Tradeshows and Event Agency Services
  • Trade Show Strategy: Without a solid trade show strategy, companies fail to generate enough high-quality leads to justify its cost. MoreSALES will research the trade shows and conferences your prospects attend and develop a strategy to drive booth visits and leads. Our services include trade show assessment and recommendations, on-site customer experience planning, and pre/post-show communications support.
  • Trade Show Execution: Having a booth isn’t enough. You need to generate interest before and during the event, then nurture leads afterwards. MoreSALES develops comprehensive tradeshow executions that deliver results. Our services include trade show creative and displays, booth promotions, scripting and staff training, multimedia and handout development, communications campaign design and execution, and post event lead follow-up.
  • Events & Seminars: Create a buzz! Promote your business with positive publicity through events and informative seminars. Product introductions, major announcements, training and development or client appreciation events create compelling experiences to gather a captive, qualified audience. Our services include support selecting venues and expert facilitators, theme and content development, project management, creation of awards and incentives, presentation development, creation and deployment of post-event surveys, and participant registration and tracking services.

Lead Generation & Prospecting

Generating qualified sales leads is paramount to growth. Without new prospects to engage, most businesses see peaks and troughs in their sales performance. Not only does this make it difficult to forecast revenues, it makes your business vulnerable during challenging economic conditions. Don’t leave your business’ success up to a few key returning customers; instead, continuously seek and convert new clients.

Contact MoreSALES to help your sales team reach more qualified traffic through lead generation and prospecting services including:

Lead Gen Prospecting Marketing Agency Services
  • Prospect Database: Does your sales team need more qualified prospects to talk to? We research and provide you with a database of prospect names corresponding target industry verticals. Using this database, we assist you in launching a program (combining tele-prospecting, direct mail and email) that effectively targets potential customers.
  • Appointment Booking: Not every lead in your database is a qualified and worth spending time on. Our appointment booking solutions qualify each sales prospect before you make an introductory sales presentation. This includes prospect calls and emails, appointment scheduling, confirmations and progress reports.
  • Direct Mail Campaigns: Direct mail is still an effective form of marketing and, if done well, can help cut through the noise to reach new leads. Combine direct mail with prospect database services to ensure your campaign reaches its intended audience. Then, follow-up with our appointment booking service to increase response and drive in more qualified leads.

Sales and Marketing Materials

With so many options available to customers, your business needs to stand out from the competition and create lasting impressions. Marketing and sales materials should be a key consideration for every B2B organization, yet many companies get held up in the project strategy and creative execution.

Contact MoreSALES to convey its messaging in a more impactful way through print marketing and media services such as:

Sales Marketing Materials Agency Services
  • Sales Materials: Your sales team’s success relies on having the latest information about your products and services at their fingertips, in easy-to-use formats. To build brand awareness and clearly communicate your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), a customer must understand your offering almost instantly. Our designers produce marketing collateral that augments your digital marketing and messaging. This includes product brochures, sales literature, line cards, catalogues and manuals, corporate brochures, and annual reports.
  • Print Media: Print is not dead! Especially in B2B communications, a multi-channel approach that includes print with digital advertising yields strong results. We do the homework to evaluate publications that reach your audience, then design compelling campaigns to further build brand awareness and responses. Our services include media planning and buying, print ad development and ad tracking.
  • Presentations: Our presentation services have helped small firms to large multinationals win major contracts over worthy competitors. We develop creative presentation tools including videos (facility tours, intros, testimonials), PowerPoint decks (capabilities and proposals), animated “explainer” infographics, leave-behind materials and branded “SWAG” that actually gets used.

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Why Choose MoreSALES as Your Traditional Marketing Agency?

With over 200 years of combined traditional marketing experience, our team has the knowledge and resources to streamline your campaign. We advocate for your offline success, but can also integrate traditional marketing tactics with digital strategies. We also provide timely support so that if you have a question, you’ll get a thoughtful reply and never be left in the dark wondering, “What’s next?”

To discuss your business’ unique growth opportunities and learn how a traditional marketing agency can help, please contact MoreSALES.

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