Virtual Sales Accelerator

“These are the days it never rains but it pours!”

– Under Pressure by Freddie Mercury

At MoreSALES, we acknowledge the acute pressure our clients are under to develop more qualified leads to fuel their COVID-19 recovery plans. Filling the top of the sales funnel with new and diverse sales opportunities is a key strategy to help companies bounce back quickly from this economic crisis.

That’s why we’re introducing the

MoreSALES Virtual Sales Accelerator.

The sole purpose of the Virtual Sales Accelerator is to put you, our client, in front of a captive audience that wants to learn more about your products and services.

And yes, buyers and business leaders are still taking meetings; albeit virtually for the time being.

Why Outsource Lead Gen and Appointment Booking?

Experience and expertise

  • Finding reliable professionals who know how to build a properly targeted list AND have the required communication and sales skills is tough. If your internal team is not connecting with prospects efficiently, you’re going to burn through your target list quickly with minimal sales generation.

Product Launches

Save time, money and shorten the sales cycle

  • Recruiting, training, developing and managing an internal lead generation team is extremely time consuming, expensive and turnover is notoriously high.

  • You’re unlikely to find a capable and RELIABLE tele-sales rep for less than $40K/year; and that’s just their wage. Now take into consideration the training, development, management and overhead costs.

  • We can provide you with an experienced TEAM at an affordable cost.

  • The service is scalable and on demand. Use it when you need it, turn if off when you don’t. Add more callers for an intense introductory outreach or scale back for follow-ups.

  • No long-term commitments required.

  • Prospecting is incredibly time consuming. Do you really want your high-valued Sales Reps spinning their wheels on this when they’d be more effective managing their accounts to ensure you maintain customer loyalty and monthly spending? Keep them doing what they do best – spending more time in front of clients and prospects closing business.

Why MoreSALES?

We have 15+ years of experience building, training and managing inside sales and lead generation teams.

We’ll assign you a dedicated virtual sales rep that you’ll meet by phone prior to campaign launch.

We’re about strategically placed calls, not about auto-dialers.

We augment phone calls with website and LinkedIn research and email follow-up confirmations.

All callers are Ontario based. We do not offshore your campaign to an overseas call centre.

When to call in the MoreSALES experts?

Expert Team
  • Your hunters have become farmers

  • Sales results are erratic or sliding

  • Your organization is struggling with time, resources, skill set or desire to make calls

  • Excessive turnover in your sales department

  • Your high-valued Sales Reps are spending a disproportionate amount of time prospecting vs presenting and closing deals.

  • You simply need to develop net new accounts to expand beyond your current customer base

Did You Know?

It takes an average of 8 attempts to reach a prospect

69% of buyers have accepted our calls in the last 12 months

49% of buyers prefer a phone call as the first point of contact

New business prospecting is the top challenge for most Sales Reps

Contact Us Now!

Let us share our experience and expertise with you.  We’ll focus on getting you a captive audience for your sales presentation, you focus on closing deals.

To learn how the Virtual Sales Accelerator will help lay the groundwork for your speedy COVID recovery, fill in the contact us form.