Trade Show & Event Marketing

How well thought out is your strategy?

Let’s face it…
It can be hard to cut through the noise at trade shows

When it comes to your trade show strategy and execution, whether you’re experimenting with a new approach or sticking to the same old formula, there’s always something new to learn.

Did you know?


Just 6% of marketers believe their company converts trade show leads into business extremely well. 27% feel they do so moderately well.

80% of trade show exhibitors

80% of trade show exhibitors don’t follow up with their show leads.

29% of marketers

29% of marketers said that increasing revenue from their event strategy was their biggest challenge.

Trade Show and Event Marketing Strategy

There’s more to trade show and event marketing than you might think

Get the most ROI from your trade show and event investment.

MoreSALES can:
Help you define your overall strategy
Show you how to compete with larger competitors with bigger budgets
Drive more traffic to your booth
Help expand your customer base in a niche market
Maximize the impact and engagement level of your booth
Ensure all leads are properly followed up with and nurtured

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