Driving Results Digitally

John Wanamaker Quote
Times have changed since John Wanamaker uttered those words back in the early 1900s.

The beauty of digital media today is that it’s extremely measurable and extremely flexible.

Still flinging different digital tactics at lead generation hoping something sticks?

To determine what works, and what doesn’t, you need to create a campaign strategy (that includes goals), then monitor results closely.

  • Use tracked URLs for every link in your campaign and then use Google Analytics to monitor which channel, banner ad or email got the best results
  • A/B test ad creative to find out what images, copy or calls-to-action drove interest and leads
  • Configure your Google Analytics for conversion goals so you can see which campaigns hit your targets

And always test, learn and adjust.
Nothing is a failure, everything is a learning moment to optimize and improve for the future.

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