Your brand is your customer promise.

Your brand needs to convey professionalism and trustworthiness, especially in this age of transparency.


Branding & Corporate Identity

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Brand Revitalization

Does your brand need revitalization? Ask yourself: why would a customer choose you over a competitor? The MoreSALES team will guide you through the branding process so you can define: who you are, what you do, why are you unique, and how do you do it.

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To expedite the brand development process, MoreSALES provides principals and stakeholders with a specific company-based questionnaire to help identify all critical aspects of your corporate brand presently and into the future.

Brand Logo Design

Additional services include logo design or brand refresh, creation of a positioning statement (slogan) and updating all collateral and digital assets to reflect the new identity.

Product Launches

Product Launches

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Product Launch Planning

A successful product launch results from a precise and integrated strategy and resolving issues up-front. New product launches can be costly, often involving many departments. It’s important not to waste valuable time and resources!

Product Launch Building Awareness

Brand marketing is essential to any new product launch. To build brand awareness, your new product needs to be marketed strategically to your target customer through the right online and traditional channels.

Product Launch Services

MoreSALES can help you accomplish a successful product launch. Services include: product naming and branding; online assets (e.g. unique URL/microsite); communications strategy (email, PPC, social media, influencers); product photography; announcement or demo videos; new sales collateral; and association networking.

Content and Creative

Content & Creative

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Creative Brand Cop

As your brand cops, the MoreSALES team ensures all creative design and content fits with your brand’s personality and standards. Don’t have brand standards, we’ll develop them for you to ensure consistency across all your marketing.

Content writing

From website to email marketing to printed collateral, content is essential to marketing campaign success. Our content wrangler-writer will consult with you to gather information and in the organizing, writing, editing or rewriting of your content to prepare it for publication online, in print or in video.

Creative and Content

Brand standards, logo design, template design (e.g. brochures, emails, etc.), research and copywriting, content and editorial calendars, SEO keyword integration.

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