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usad-logoUSAD is a growing telecommunications network located in Oklahoma City.

In the summer of 2012 it became apparent to that in order for USAD to reach the targets they had set for themselves, a great deal of change was needed in the way we communicated internally to our teams, departments and externally to customer base and partners.

By engaging the services of MoreSALES to assist the management team they were able to:

  • Establish a corporate wide Vision supported by departmentally built Missions
  • Cultivate a culture of co-operation and accountability throughout the organization
  • Develop a set of communication best practices
  • Train and implement these policies into the organization
  • Translate this Vision into a new brand positioning for USAD.

The team at MoreSALES worked closely with the USAD management team and departments to understand the situation and provide direction and create a Vision that the team could all buy into and stand behind while continuing to keep the company moving forward.

Since completing these initiatives, USAD have seen an improvement in morale and open communications. As a result; these changes have delivered bottom line results as management now makes decisions more efficiently and takes action with greater sense of purpose and ownership.

“I recommend the team at MoreSALES to any owner or senior management that is looking to make a positive change to the culture of their organization and position their business for future growth.”

Richard Costello
USA Digital Communications

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