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If your website doesn’t have current information, a contemporary look and feel, and it’s not mobile-friendly or responsive, then any new business initiative will result in a disconnect between the caliber of your offerings and the way they are presented online.

MoreSALES designs and programs new WordPress-based websites that take advantage of modern web tools such as quick link “widgets” for quote requests and order tracking. We also incorporate and add functionality to keep prospects and customers interested and connected.

There are several ways to actively engage with your client base:

  • Increase usability with intuitive “2-click” navigation and a clean interface
  • Incorporate YouTube video clips, testimonials and case studies
  • Ensure the site is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Your company website needs to Persuade, Inform and Educate (PIE), thereby building trust through your company’s long-standing knowledge, capabilities and advantages.  Content development should always include the listing of customer benefits up front in order to capture a visitor’s attention. The content should also support the user via easy-to-find, readable text.

Business websites also need various Calls-to-Action and offers (i.e. RFQs or sales conversations). Basic key word research and Search Engine Optimization is also an essential component.

An expertly designed and optimized website means your company will:

  • Be found easier online
  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Enhance perception of your company’s offerings
  • Capture opportunities from qualified prospects

In summary, your company website should be up-to-date and have a professional appearance, thus providing prospects with confidence that yours is a reliable and reputable company.

Does your website convey your reputation and convert prospects the way it should?  For more information about our website design services, or how we can re-tool your existing site, contact us today.

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