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YouTube is great but also a distraction!

YouTube is more like a social network than a video hosting platform. As such, not all of your videos will necessarily make sense to a broader audience when they’re browsing on Therefore, YouTube should be used strategically, as part of a wider video marketing and SEO strategy, but not just as a repository where all videos are held and hosted. Consider how many times you have been on YouTube and wandered down the “rabbit hole” looking at blooper/fail videos and top ten lists.

For many companies, using both Video Marketing and YouTube can be the right way to go. YouTube can be great to help you increase brand awareness on the world’s second biggest search engine that just happens to be owned by the world’s biggest search engine; Google. However, simply embedding YouTube videos on your site means you’re missing out on all of the superior tools and analytics that Video Marketing can provide.

Get way more out of your videos then just a viewer count.

Video Marketing analytics show you the story behind each view. Discover who’s been watching your videos, how much of each video they’ve watched, and which videos are providing the most value to your business. Now you can focus on more effective and targeted content to boost traffic and interactions.

The hosting platform identifies and tracks the people watching your videos, and makes it easy to sort all of the data with the audience page. Send this data to your Marketing Automation CRM in order to score leads, measure assisted conversion, or track playback for groups of users.

Integrate video with your email marketing campaigns.

Video embedded into emails boost the open rate by between 20-50%; making it easier than ever to spice up your email campaigns. You can generate leads right within the player, and automatically add new viewers to your email lists and CRM.

Gate the content to a specific audience such as internal training videos. Customize viewers with your corporate branding to differentiate from the standard online viewers.

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