Strategic Planning & Execution


Every organization can benefit from a strong business plan. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of creating a solid corporate strategy is that it keeps everyone in your company working towards a common goal. Your business plan should include: your corporate vision, a description of your product or service, your value proposition, a market analysis, your marketing plan, an analysis of your business (its strengths and weaknesses), a cash flow statement, and revenue projections.

The best strategies consider every functional area of your organization and how they can help you to achieve your desired targets. Taking the time to describe the activities needed in order to accomplish your goals makes it easy to coordinate tasks, and determine measurable benchmarks for success. A well-defined business plan lays the groundwork for financial and operational excellence—and that plan should be revisited regularly. If you need a business plan, or would like to update an old one, we can help your company develop the following:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Business models
  • Critical numbers
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Organizational Development

Organizational development is about creating systems and processes and ensuring your business is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Think of your business as an engine, and each department as different parts of the engine that need to work together to create horsepower—or, in the case of your company, revenue and profits. And, like an engine, the inside of your organization can use a tune-up from time to time to keep everything running smoothly.

To be effective, all areas of your organization need to collaborate, and also complement each other. Putting the right systems and people in place can help your company be more efficient.

We have experience helping businesses in the following areas:

  • Change Management
  • Operational Strategy
  • Sales Re-engineering
  • Systems Implementation
  • Reputation Management and Marketing
  • Technology Solutions

Succession and Exit Planning

Through years of hard work you’ve built a successful company, and now, you’d like to turn that business into your legacy. Whether you’d like to create a succession plan, or an exit plan, a chief strategy officer can help you work through your options—from strategy, to execution—to determine the best possible solution for you and your business.

A successful business is built upon a combination of profit and value. It’s the culmination of those systems and processes—and intangibles, like assets, and balance sheets—that help determine the best course of action when developing your exit plan. Should you merge, be acquired, or simply close your doors? We have the experience necessary to help you achieve your succession planning goals—and ensure that you’re ready to face the potential financial and psychological changes that may accompany your exit.

Succession planning is a natural process that every business owner should consider as they build their company. All business owners will undergo some form of succession planning during their company’s lifecycle. Ultimately, the success of the process depends heavily on the level of planning and implementation that took place prior to your exit decision.

Our knowledgeable team of experts can help your company do the following:

  • Increase Intangibles
  • Develop a succession plan
  • Explore transition and exit strategies
  • Plan for life outside of the business

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