Customer Surveys


A well-executed survey will tell you exactly why customers buy from you, what you need to do to gain new customers and how to retain your existing ones. This is the standard starting place for most market research initiatives and it will help map out the most efficient and lucrative direction for your company.

Customer surveys are conducted by phone—we find that voice-to-voice contact is the best way to ensure customer candor. 

Customer surveys achieve three primary goals:

  1. Understanding why your customers buy from you and what they like best about your company and approach, so you can leverage this information into marketing messages and differentiators.
  2. Recapturing dormant customers who may buy more regularly if given a gentle reminder of your offering and expertise – you can even make them aware of new products or services.
  3. Gathering market intelligence by asking customers for advice and guidance on the marketplace, other market influencers, where and how they obtain information and how they prefer receiving it.

Customer Survey Benefits:

  • Referrals and other business opportunities that your Senior Management Team may not have considered
  • Immediate and long-term ROI
  • Knowledge and business intelligence

Our market research team will consult with you to determine the objectives and outcomes you need to take advantage of this critical intelligence gathering initiative.

MoreSALES will then write, edit and implement the survey. A detailed report of the results will be provided along with our expert analysis and suggested next steps.

Customer Survey Highlights

  • A mix of quantitative “scale of 1-10” questions and qualitative questions (i.e. What are some products or services you need that we could develop and carry for you?).
  • Answers provide data presented in charts and graphs (for the quantitative information) and a cross-section of comments and notable ideas in written format (for the qualitative information).
  • Ask the Ultimate Question—a well-known measurement of customer satisfaction (i.e. Would you recommend us to your colleagues?).

Customer surveys are often part of an overall sales growth strategy that MoreSALES can develop for your company.

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