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Direct mail campaigns are an excellent way to really jumpstart your business.  This is your opportunity to connect with potential and repeat customers and communicate the features and benefits of your products and services. You can “talk” to them one-to-one by speaking directly to

their specific needs. With email marketing limited by spam filters and recent government regulations (CASL), direct mail is on the rise again as a way to deliver messages to target audiences.

At MoreSALES we send unique, proactive materials that have a compelling Call-to-Action and will be remembered by those who receive them. The experienced creative team at MoreSALES will demonstrate how direct mail can provoke a reaction in ways you might not have imagined.

Combine direct mail with our prospect database services to ensure your campaign is reaching its intended audience. This is best followed up by the MoreSALES  appointment booking service that will get you face-to-face with your potential customers.

Curious about the comeback of direct mail and need our help? Contact us.

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